Metro Atlanta Bagpiper - Occasional Music

Crawford Tartan

How Much?

Simple question, difficult answer. Rates will vary with a myriad of details affecting the cost. Busy periods cost more - March 17 costs more than August 17 (think about it). Is your event eight months from now or is it tomorrow? I may have to change a scheduled lesson. Do you need special music? It takes time to learn it. Travel time may come into play, playing time varies, time from start to finish varies, etc. etc.

You will find that my fees are right in line with others providing this service. You might be able to find a slightly cheaper piper, but you won't find one more dependable or professional. This is a small detail (and a small expense in the entire budget)  that can make a BIG impact on your event. Do you want to risk it going awry to save a few bucks? (see Discount Piper)

Contact me and we'll discuss the details of your event. I can provide you with a firm price commitment quickly, often immediately. Payment by credit card is available in advance through the PayPal payment service. Personal or business check s will be accepted the day of the event. Cash will be accepted with two forms of ID (just kidding!) I may request a nonrefundable deposit (usually 50%) to hold a date beyond 7 days in the future.