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Crawford Tartan

About Tom Crawford

Tom Crawford was born in New Jersey, but has lived more than half his life in the Atlanta GA area. Growing up just outside NYC, he learned to play rock, folk, blues and country music on guitar and bass. He expanded his skills to include the tin whistle, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, and pedal steel guitar. Tom started college at age 16 as a music major but graduated with a degree in Urban Planning. Developing his talents in the graphics field, Tom founded Presentation Visuals, a computer-graphic business communication company in 1984. PVI eventually morphed into Atlanta Web Service LLC, a web services firm specializing in the needs of small business, associations and non-profits.

Tom moved to the Atlanta area in 1980 on a lark and now lives in Woodstock, GA. His two grown children are Georgia natives but now reside in Morristown NJ and Abuja Nigeria (Africa).

Highlights from my piping career include performing with The Chieftains in Atlanta and Athens GA, The Celtic Women at the Fox Theater, Rod Stewart at Philips Arena, and at the UT half-time show in Knoxville TN. I've toured the Ring of Kerry in Ireland and Western Ontario, Canada with Keltic Kudzu. I'm equally proud of my work for several Relays for Life and American Cancer Society Golf Tournaments and events.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Piping in front of three volcanoes on a pier in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Playing at the British Consul Generals Residence
Performance at the British Consul General's Residence

International Performances
Playing in Sneem, Ireland on a Keltic Kudzu tour on the Ring of Kerry (left), and playing for the dancers in Douglasville, GA (right)